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  • REMBE BT-KUB Reverse Acting Buckling Pin Bursting Disc
    The BT-KUB can be used with any gas, vapour or liquid media under the harshest of conditions due to its standard operating ratio of 98%, the tightest operating ratio available in the burst disc industry.  The two layer material design and range of materials of construction offer the greatest..
  • REMBE BT-ODV Forward Acting Rupture Disc
    For low to medium pressures ODV is primarily used for applications with low to medium pressures, e.g. for gases, liquids and applications with two-phase flows. The disc has a standard operating ratio of max. 80 %. For burst pressures of less than 1 barg, ODV can be installed directly between flan..
  • REMBE Accessories - Signalling Devices
    For continuous monitoring of your rupture disc   Automated processes use intelligent signalling systems to keep you continuously informed about the status of your entire plant and any faults that may arise. You can even install signalling devices for rupture discs that have already ..
  • REMBE BT-IKB Reverse Acting Rupture Disc
    The reverse acting rupture disc with the patented manufacturing process The IKB® rupture disc was developed to provide reliable protection against excessive overpressure and vacuum in equipment such as pressure vessels, pipe systems, gas cylinders and reactors. It is suitable for applications wit..
  • REMBE BT-STAR Forward Acting Rupture Disc
    For low to high pressures  STAR is primarily used in applications with low to high burst pressures, especially in the oil and gas industry, petrochemicals and chemicals, applications with liquified gases and processes that involve pressure cycling. The standard operating ratio is up to 80 % ..

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