With more than 700 employees, LESER is the largest manufacturer of safety valves in Europe and a leader in its market worldwide. LESER safety valves are developed and tested for the international market in a certified test lab at Leser headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Valve production, with a capacity of over 130,000 valves per year, takes place at LESER’s modern factory in Hohenwestedt, Germany. 

LESER’s authorised service partners (LARCs) offer expert service and repair using original LESER spare parts.

LESER safety valves protect people and the environment in the chemical, petrochemical, technical gases, oil and gas production, and engineering branches as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

LESER Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany (Pictured Left) & Factory in Hohenwestedt, Germany (Pictured Right)

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  • LESER API Series Safety Valves
    API meets all requirements of the API 526 norm and includes the entire orifice D to T product range. API 526 is a purchase specification in which the nominal diameters, flange pressure ratings, centre to face dimensions, flow areas, body and spring materials and their service limits are stipulate..
  • LESER High Performance Safety Valves
    Full lift safety valves open rapidly within an overpressure of 5% to the full design lift. They are used in particular for vapours and gases, in applications where the maximum mass flow has to be discharged rapidly. LESER types 441/442, 4444 are suitable for almost any industrial application, and..
  • LESER Pilot Operated Safety Valves
    Pilot Operated Valves are now available from Pressure Systems. LESER's Series 810 and series 820 are designed in compliance with API 526 for easy replacement. Complete API 526 product range with valve sizes from 1" to 8", orifice D to T. Body materials WCB, CF8M, LCB, 1.0619, 1.4408 and a diversity ..
  • LESER Compact Performance Safety Valves
    Safety valves with threaded connections are used for handling small and medium mass flows. The LESER threaded connection safety valves are notable for their wide range of set pressures, compact overall dimensions and low weight. ..
  • LESER Modulate Action Safety Valve
    Relief valves open in proportion to the pressure rise. They are used wherever normally expected mass flows are very small and the medium loss is to be kept as low as possible (e.g. thermal expansion). Safety relief valves are ideal relief valves for medium mass flows. Their large proportional ran..
  • LESER Best Availability Change-over Valve
    Change-over valves from the Best Availability product group increase plant availability.  KUB: Bursting discs used in component-tested combination with safety valves provide tightness up to the set pressure and a safe re-closing. Low pressure loss due to streamlined construction Comp..
  • LESER Clean Service Safety Valves
    LESER has developed five safety valve types, known collectively as the "48x series", for the protection of systems with special cleanliness requirements ("clean service": systems for foodstuffs, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics). The properties common to the "48x series" are: Low dead ..
  • LESER Critical Service Safety Valves
    In chemical plants, critical service conditions and media may occur which place special demands on the design of safety valves, e.g. Highly corrosive media Highly toxic media High back pressures ..

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