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Aquatrol is an American based manufacturer of safety and relief valve products and have been experts in the field since 1947. Aquatrol manufactures ASME regulated, National Board Certified Safety valves. Section I (V) and VIII (UV) rated for steam, air, gas and liquid applications. Valves are interchangeable with all safety valve manufacturers and available with the full array of trimming, seating and options. All  products go through rigid quality control: set, test and re-test to each customized application prior to the code stamping process.

Engineering, sales, manufacturing and assembly is done on-site and by an experienced team of safety and relief valve specialists. This ensures customers recieve the services they require. Aquatrol facilities include modern CNC manufacturing, robotics, in-house flow and capacity testing, CAD design and a myriad of other manufacturing specialties.


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  • AQUATROL Series 120 & 130 Safety and Relief Valves
    Our Series 120s and 130s are are designed for light and medium capacity applications where a smaller sized valve is needed. Many are manufactured to meet specific field and OEM applications. Series 120-126 Essential for light- and medium-capacity situations where a smaller sized valve is neede..
  • AQUATROL Series 560/570 Safety Valves
    Our 560/570 valve line is a high capacity safety valve used for boilers, piping lines and vessel protection. Designed and engineered for heavy-duty industrial use. ASME approved and National Board flow-rated for capacity. Series 560 Use for ASME Section I applications to pressure ratings of 25..
  • AQUATROL Series 69 Liquid Relief Valves
    Series 69 is an industry standard relief valve used for liquid relief and by-pass. Engineered and designed for heavy duty, industrial and commercial usages. A single piece bonnet to eliminate leakage while allowing for simple cleaning. Easy removable sealed hex-cap to adjust pressure. Series 69 ..
  • AQUATROL Series 740 Safety and Relief Valves
    Aquatrol's new Series 740 safety and relief valve is designed for accuracy and reliability. Engineered for heavy-duty industrial usage. Multiple purpose safety and relief valve for all services: Liquid, Steam and Air/Gas. ASME and National Board Certified for Section VIII service. Pressures are to 7..

With over 40 years experience, our products are known the world over for their quality, efficiency and long life.

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