REMBE BT-KUB Reverse Acting Buckling Pin Bursting Disc

REMBE BT-KUB Reverse Acting Buckling Pin Bursting Disc

Brand: Rembe GmbH Safety+Control
Product Code: BT-KUB

 REMBE Process Safety Catalogue

The BT-KUB can be used with any gas, vapour or liquid media under the harshest of conditions due to its standard operating ratio of 98%, the tightest operating ratio available in the burst disc industry. 

The two layer material design and range of materials of construction offer the greatest flexibility in cost savings while maintaining total corrosion resistance. The disc design comprises of an upstream sealing membrane with a smooth unblemished profile ie; no score-lines, dimples or indentations. This makes the BT-KUB the ideal disc for aseptic and sanitary applications due to their being no available dead space for bacteria or product accumulation. 

The material selection of the sealing membrane should be specified according to the requirements of the process (possibly corrosive) where the disc is being applied. 

Due to the reverse acting compression mode of the disc, it is also totally immune to back- pressures and vacuum and is ideally suited where CIP/SIP scenarios are used. 

Downstream the burst element with its buckling pin technology is totally isolated from the process and can be confidently specified in standard 

SST irrespective of any aggressive process media; dependent upon no corrosive vapours being present down- stream. 


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